Updated Rehearsal Essentials

Hey guys! I wanted to share some rehearsal essentials I have with me at all times. I think I’ve done one before, I’ll link it here

  1. Extra pointe shoe ribbons and elastics, mine always rip.
  2. Sports drink. It’s important to keep your sodium levels up because we are working hard. I like the ones with less sugar, I don’t drink them too often, but I have them for longer rehearsals. They aren’t healthy but at least we won’t faint.
  3. Notebook. Try to write down frequent corrections and keep track of the dates. Improvement will be shown if you fix mistakes as you go.
  4. Money. I’m always forgetting things and my studio sells items. Like hair nets, leotards, tights, snacks, etc.
  5. A shirt of some kind. During breaks you may feel cold so throw on a t-shirt or something warm.


Hopefully these gave you some ideas of some things you may forget in your bag! Thank you so much for reading.


XOXO, Faith


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